photo: Sophie Tramier ©


A lifelong passion for the patina and authenticity of time-worn things is at the heart of Jean-Marie's work in leather.


Naturally processed skins, carefully selected, are worked into simple utilitarian objects, where purity of line and perfect proportions are combined with beautiful hand stitching to create to create timeless and desirable accessories.


Found objects, especially old and used knives, but also buckles and other findings, feature in Jean-Marie's work too, where they are given new lives by the unique touch of this alchemist in leather. 



The objects created by Jean-Marie are life companions. Reliable, practical, remarkably effective.

You think you define them by your wish list to date unfulfilled. They are the ones who choose and surprise you.


The objects created by Jean-Marie are works of craftsmen. Tireless quest for the right gesture. Respect for the immense knowledge accumulated by the Ancients. Unstoppable, precise technique, attentive to the minute details that make all the difference.

The objects created by Jean-Marie have a natural beauty. Pure, obvious line. The function guides the form without taming it. The eye delights in this sober material, bearing the patina, the marks of time. The hand finds and handles instinctively.

The objects created by Jean-Marie are gifts of friendship. Unique.


Eric Laurencier



Jean-Marie is a purist. Whether in photography, her first love, or in leather work. For him, the main thing is in the texture, and especially in the respect of this living matter. This leather that he likes when he puts on this unique patina of wearing, this feeling of experience and hidden stories.



On Off Original is his line of creation. He designs and develops useful, simple and elegant forms. From bags to jewelry to knife cases, Jean-Marie makes them unique pieces or small series.


"I use noble materials: leather of course but also linen, cotton for the seams and brass for the buckles and other fasteners".


Jean-Marie has this particular gift of knowing how to assemble and allowing the slow process of transformation to take effect. He likes to customize the objects that speak to him. A mottled flea loop is enough to imagine a new story.


“I like to start from a forgotten memory to give it a new life. When I create a bag, I need to think about the silhouette that will carry it ”


Chantal Colomer